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Welcome to Impact Martial Arts! 

My name is Greg Fisher and I want to personally welcome you to my studio.  You will  find that we offer the very best family Martial Arts and Karate classes in Austin, TX. I have spent most of my life studying Taekwondo and various other styles. Austin has been my home since 2004. We pride ourselves on our family friendly learning environment & flexible schedule to fit your busy lifestyle. We also offer a wide range of family fitness programs for women, men, and kids. All of our programs are specifically designed to promote quick and efficient learning while being taught in a professional and fun environment.   We can customize a martial arts and karate program that will help you and your family meet your goals while fitting in your busy schedule. I’ve spent the past 22 years developing family friendly programs that really work for a wide range of students.  The programs are designed specifically for kids, women and men with a family focus.  Our programs are taekwondo focused, but we also offer kickboxing, MMA, self-defense and anti-bullying.  Whether you are looking to become a competitor, get in shape, learn self-defense, or develop confidence we have a class for you. You can check-out some of our feedback on YouTube. Take a look around at our site to learn more and please schedule an appointment today to come in and try a class. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your family.  I’m sure we can find a martial arts program that will work for you and your family. I know that you will love our classes!

Greg Fisher owner Impact Martial Arts

Family Martial Arts – Greg Fisher

- Greg Fisher, Chief Instructor and Owner

Martial Arts for Children

Our classes at Impact Martial Arts are great for children of all ages! We offer classes for two separate age groups of children. Our regular children’s program is designed for kids age 6-11. This class teaches all of the basic and advanced techniques. The class also covers age-specific issues such as bullying, courtesy, self-control, and confidence building. Check out our children’s martial arts page for more info. We also have our Little Dragons program for children age 4-6. We will work with 3 year olds if they are ready. The Little Dragons class uses our martial arts moves to develop coordination, balance, and focus. Check out our Little Dragons page for more info. With ADHD, obesity, and bullying on the rise, taekwondo training is a great piece to solving these puzzles.

Adult Martial Arts

We offer great adult classes. Our adults train in either our family classes, kickboxing, or MMA. Each option is excellent, it just depends on your personal goals. Parents many times enjoy training with their children in our family taekwondo classes. Training together really strengthens family relationships while strengthening bodies and minds. Check out our Family Martial Arts page for more info. Fitness kickboxing classes are the best workout out there. Our high-energy classes are a fun way to burn calories. We hit the bags in the kickboxing classes, not just the air. Check out our Kickboxing page. The MMA (mixed martial arts) classes combine kickboxing, jiujitsu, Taekwondo, muay thai, and wrestling techniques to help our students become well rounded martial artists. Check our MMA page. Come in and give it a try, we know that you will love it! We have the best adult programs around!

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